Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some artwork to enjoy

Ihave been wanting to add some of my art for a while and I think I will try to do that now. My last try was a failure, but I will keep trying til I succeed. Not that I have been doing much of late, but I am thinking alot about what I want to do next. Birdiedoc had a great trip to Peru and took some wonderful pictures...some especially for me...and I really want to put them into a collage. Seems like the team had a very productive visit and hope to go back next year. I would like to join them so I want to work some on getting into shape for hiking with no oxygen. It will be hard but worth it in the end ,I think.

Ok, I am uploading some artwork that I have done in the last year. Most of this is for Art Journal round robin swaps, etc, but a few projects are just for fun. The tiny spiral book if full of Birdiedoc's grandmothers pictures. We don't know who these people are, but they were having lots of fun as opposed to the usual dour expressions of their era. Enjoy...

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