Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peruvian Plans

Peruvian plans are being made as we speak! Birdiedoc and friends will be off to the mountains where there is almost no oxygen to breathe very soon. They are gathered here to divide up the supplies and make the final decisions before departure. While they are gone, I will be visited by my favorite art instructor, Chirpsy, who will teach book-making skills to all of us who want to learn. She is also my dear SIL and my very dear SAH (sis at heart)! Will will have so much fun while she visits. I hope we will have time to scour the junk shops around here for some good art finds and go for some nice walks by the river... and just have time to be.

Today I listened to some wonderful music by Brooks Williams that made me remember eating watermelons outside on a hot evening and listening to the cicadas as we watched the sun set in glorious shades of pink and gold. I don't know why his music made me think of that, but it was a beautiful memory. I loved the old, hot, and slow days of growing up in the south.

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Liza said...

I love when music brings back happy memories!