Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beloved Rubber Gloves

I love my long yellow rubber gloves. They are soft on the inside and shiny on the outside. They warm my hands. They offer protection from many undesirable substances, and they keep my hands clean. They are simple and cheap but provide great service. I have tried pink ones and green ones, but always prefer the sunny, happy flavor of yellow. I think I love them most of all because they make me start a project without thinking about starting. Once I slip them on, it is impossible not to start cleaning. Ordinarily, starting is my problem. I do not mind any cleaning project and can continue for hours once I have begun. It is just the starting that is hard. I wish there were yellow gloves for many other projects I would like to start -like journaling or writing letters to people, or just communicating to people that I care about them and they are loved - or sorting the mountains of paper that appear on all the surfaces of my living space. I will look for "yellow rubber gloves" to remedy those things in my life.

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